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  • CuteDigi 2-axis Joystick Breakout
  • CuteDigi 2-axis Joystick Breakout

CuteDigi 2-axis Joystick Breakout

Brand: CuteDigi
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Product Description

This is a 2-axis joystick module is styled after a PS2 analog stick. It has an X/Y 2-axis analog output and Z-axis single digital output channel button. The joystick is a combination of 2 analog potentiometers and a digital switch.


Test Code

// Module KY023

// For more info see

int JoyStick_X = A0; // x

int JoyStick_Y = A1; // y

int JoyStick_Z = 3; // key

void setup ()


pinMode (JoyStick_X, INPUT);

pinMode (JoyStick_Y, INPUT);

pinMode (JoyStick_Z, INPUT_PULLUP);

Serial.begin (9600); // 9600 bps


void loop ()


int x, y, z;

x = analogRead (JoyStick_X);

y = analogRead (JoyStick_Y);

z = digitalRead (JoyStick_Z);

Serial.print (x, DEC);

Serial.print (“,”);

Serial.print (y, DEC);

Serial.print (“,”);

Serial.println (z, DEC);

delay (100);




  • Features 2 analog X/Y inputs and 1 digital Z input
  • Perfect for games or as a navigation device



  • Switch Protocol                  : Digital
  • X, Y Protocol                        : Analog
  • Operating Voltage           : 3.0–5.0VDC
  • Dimensions                           : 47mm x 25mm x 32mm (LxWxH)
  • Colour                                   : Black
  • Material                                : PCB

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